Hello, brick row...

Okay, soooo...first post. We just bought this house, and I wanted to write about it. It's a little terrifying. The home inspector was laughing at me. Like, to get to the shed, he had to chop down 8-foot stalks of goldenrod with his clipboard as a machete just to walk across the yard. 

Location-wise, it's on a busy downtown street, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The house may or may not be a little crooked inside (and okay fine, outside as well)...but HEY, it's our first house (together, at least) and we're gonna make it great.

Don't laugh, I know it's pretty ugly right now.
P.S. it's the middle one...luckily the least offensive looking in the row.

It's my job every day to design interiors of homes, restaurants, condos, etc. for clients with a weeeeee bit more money than I've got. So this project will involve a lot of DIY trial and error, paint, hard work, tears (we are being honest here, right?) borrowed cash, and hopefully a lot of high fives.

We'll see.