Nice to see you

Okay, I lied. The window had to be installed after the framing inside the basement...clearly I wasn't listening! Anyway, here it is. It's actually double the size of the old one and makes it feel almost livable in there.

We're two weeks into officially owning this place, and it looks an insane amount better already. Even just carting away Michael Osborne's junk valuables made a huge difference. We've had a contractor, Phil from Intor Renovations, doing the basement. It's obviously a full gut job, and he started a few days ago by framing in the new layout I designed for the bathroom and bedroom.

We're having the company our friend Mark works for remove our knob and tube wiring and put in 100-amp service, which is a huuuuge job. Four floors of house (including the basement) is a lot of wiring. Luckily, the basement is easy since it's all torn open already. Everywhere else, there are holes busted through walls to fish the wiring through, and these holes are normally something you'd want to have fixed by a pro drywall guy. Howevs, because we're not exactly holding sacks with dollar signs on them, we opted to patch the holes ourselves.


Just a helpful tip. More on this later.