Due to the flood that basically sent everyone who used to live in this house packing (or not packing, as it were, since they LEFT ALL OF THEIR GROSS BOY ITEMS BEHIND), we decided we didn't want to proceed with the gutting and renovating of the basement without properly waterproofing it to make sure it doesn't happen again. Our basement is lowered and underpinned (which is actually pretty shocking, considering that they haven't done anything else of value to the house) but next door isn't, so if they flood, it will come down into our place because it is lower.

So we called up the nice folks at City Wide to do the work. They were super great to deal with, demolished all of the remaining basement walls and ceiling and took it all away before doing the membranes. I also got them to take out the super mini baby window and throw a new one in there that is double the size. The opening in the exterior wall was already there, but for some reason whoever cheaped out on the existing window decided to fill in the rest of the available space with wood. WHY? ARE YOU A VAMPIRE?

Anyway here are the progress shots.

No, that is not the new window, that gets put in tomorrow. But isn't that little wooden window box cute? They built me that instead of the corrugated metal kind because I'm a nice girl. And I'm going to get them to take the rest of that concrete out of the garden. Why does everyone in this neighbourhood insist on paving their lawn? Is it like this in real Portugal, or just Little Portugal? I'm just asking, I hear it's lovely.