Houston, we have a progress

I hope you all like Dad jokes.

But check this out!

Oh hey shower, what's up?

We had to ixnay the whirlpool tub because no one our height could possibly stand up to shower in it (I'm just shy of six feet). Instead, we are putting in this shower, which makes the space feel a lot larger. Remember that janky-ass dryer vent that went diagonally from the dryer to the corner, across the headspace for the "shower"? Well! Rather than create a bulkhead for the vent, I designed it so that it is concealed in this ledge at the floor. It's not deep enough for sitting on, but perfect for shampoo bottles and leg shavin'. And it means never having to hit your head on a wackarnolds bulkhead...at least in this room.

Okay, so there's still a bulkhead in the washer/dryer area, but once the machines are put back, you won't be standing in there.

The floor tile is in as well. Just needs moulding now, and for the fixtures to be re-installed (this is our tenants' bathroom so I'm not worrying too much about how pretty the fixtures are, as long as they work and are free, I'm putting the existing ones back).

The drywall is up in the basement bedroom now. It's so nice to have this bigger window in there, it really was money well spent. I'm almost tempted to move down there and rent out the upstairs...but having come from living in a basement apartment underneath a family with a stomping toddler, we just really don't want to deal with noise from above anymore. Not for now, at least.

My mom and stepdad came over with some cedars from their giant property so that I don't have to look at next door's garbage as much. Yay, free fence!

I like that the trees are arranged in order of health. I super hope that tree in the foreground doesn't die, I'm gonna string them up proper with some hemp twine so they'll grow a little less flaily. Is flaily a word? Whatever.