New project

While the basement bathroom is getting finished, we decided to do something crazy: SPEND MORE MONEY! Originally, I'd planned to paint the bathroom upstairs all black. Over the tiles and everything. Just as a temporary fix, while we scraped together enough change to actually do it properly, but still. I was inspired by this amazing shot of J. Crew lady Jenna Lyons' insanely enviable place in New York:

Isn't that bathroom just STUPID? I have a herringboner.

Anyway, once we realized that the clawfoot tub (which I squealed over as soon as I saw it for the first time) was actually so rusted around the drain that it wasn't worth salvaging, and you know, the fact that there were only 14 inches of space between the teeny pedestal and the tub to get to the ridiculously wasteful toilet...we figured, eff this, let's go for it.

So here we have it. Demolition.

Oh man, I'm totally nervous about spending more money, but soon we will have tenants, and this house was such a crazy deal (or I know, maybe we were crazy for buying it) that it will all be worth it in the long run.

And guess what Phil found in the ceiling?

RADDEST! It is the front/back page of the Toronto Telegram from December 1947. That means it's just a few days shy of 63 years old. It was rolled up and stuck in a knot in one of the ceiling joists. Since the toilet was from the 70s and the pedestal sink looked to be around the same age, it totally got me thinking about how many renovations this place has had over the years. I wonder what it looked like originally...wait, were there bathrooms in 1907? I don't even know. I don't even wanna Google it.

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