Heavenly throne

Doesn't the toilet in the downstairs bathroom look like, crazy important with the recessed light above it? There were only so many possible locations for the lighting, the way the ducts and joists were running...it's so spotlighty. I don't know, maybe it will kind of make you feel like an angel or something when you're doing your biz?

So much dust. :/

The upstairs bathroom now has a vanity. I made it out of an Ikea kitchen wall cabinet because it was the only way anything would fit in the 13" depth between the wall and the door casing. It's sitting on legs that are cut down to make it the proper height. The Craigslist sink I bought when we were still living in the old apartment. I had a slab of marble cut to fit the top, but that's obviously not here yet. Sooooooon!

I cannot wait to stop living like this: