Meet my pet donkey

Obligatory bathroom shot:

Hurry up and get done, please.

Chris is a tour manager for a kind-of-a-big-deal indie label here, and he's been on tour since the first of the month. He gets back in another five days. It's insane trying to do everything around here myself, I don't like asking for a lot of help from my friends, and I'm kind of anal about wanting things done right (I mean, why wouldn't I be, this is my house, not a random rental apartment). There are so many holes in the walls that each take days to plaster, dry, get sanded, repeat. I feel like there's so much left to get done in not a lot of time. In three weeks, this all has to be done or we'll be sharing the downstairs bathroom with our buds. Which is fine, but...with two out of four people in the house being dudes, I don't wanna be sharin' no bathrooms.

Anyway I thought I would introduce you to one of our cats, Bonk.

He's basically a baby seal. So effing cute. Can you even believe it? Don't look in the background at all the dust going on in my living room, it's not important. Just stare into his eyes and all your troubles will melt away.

Mommy sad and lonely, kitteh make better feelings.

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