More fancy light (jkjkjk)

Our friend Mark will install lights in exchange for beer and high fives. Check it: upstairs kitchen.

Dear Santa, I can't wait until I don't have to be stuck shopping at Ikea. But hey, it is what it is, and I can change it quite easily once I have more than $39 to spend on a multiple head fixture that isn't totally hideous (can't someone design one?)

Do you like my one stripe of flat ceiling paint that I scrambled to get done before Mark installed the light? I may leave it like that. It's very avant-garde.

Side note: we scored that $1200 LG fridge on Craigslist last month for $400. Clap for us.

Reused Ikea fixture in the upstairs office-bedroom. You'd think I would shell out for some new bulbs, but then you don't know me, do you? I TOLD YOU, I'M BROKE.

You'd also think I would dust before taking pictures, but I think the last post disproved that theory, no? I am a total skid. Um, anyway...this is a Kartell FLY lamp I got last year, and since we no longer have a dining area (really? we really shouldn't live downstairs?) this is now above the bed. Raining dust on me while I sleep, no doubt.

Downstairs bathroom. We were overdue for an update here...and yes, that is my shower curtain TAPED TO THE WALL because I have not yet purchased a rod for it to hang from. I'm pathetic. A pathetic, skiddy skid.