My smallest, bestest friends

I introduced Bonk already, but he's not the only kitty friend in this junkpile house. This is Cat King Cole, and he is here to help.

He likes marching and being soft.

Here's another friend of mine...DAP.

This stuff fixes everything. I think I have already gone through like six tubes of it in the last two months. Do you have cracks, gaps, or holes? DAP that shit. (Note: not for internal use.)

I am currently carpeting the concrete floors in the basement hall and bedroom in FLOR tiles. I picked the Fedora line in Oatmeal to keep the space bright. They look like felt and stick together with clear adhesive "dots" on the underside. If they get dirty, you can wash them. They go right over the sealed concrete and you just need a straight edge, a box knife and a brain to be able to install them, so you don't have to factor in any labour cost. Plus, they're recycled AND recyclable!

Easy breezy cuteness.

I JUST WANT TO HELP! Oh, thank you, helpful helper. You're doing just great.

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