I love Craigslist. If I ever met Craig, he would get a high five from me so hard, his hand would bleed. That guy is awesome. Our latest score is a set of slimline Asko laundry appliances. Retail on these things is something like $2800, but we got them for $600. This is why RSS feeds are useful...I got the alert as soon as the ad was posted and apparently was the first of about 200 people to email this lady. Oh and here's a fun fact: she lived on Degrassi Street. WEEEE! I mean, Chris' sister used to live there, but not since I've known her, and I just think Degrassi Street is one of those stupid gleeful things about living in Toronto that never gets old unless you live in the east end and see it all the time.

Anyway, I kind of think the washer/dryer and fridge together look like robots, no?


They're from Sweden.

Little bitty issue with the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom...had to go get more tiles. Sadness!

Do you like our new toilet? I haven't figured out how it's going to work just yet, but give me some time. Oh yeah, here you can see that we did another one of those ledges in the shower to conceal the plumbing that runs horizontally to the kitchen. Design idea success!

It is pretty annoying when Carrara marble turns out a lot greyer than you want. And also, when the tile guy ignores your drawing of staggering the tiles in a brick pattern. Oh, and the note about minimal grout lines. Hey tile guy, you are the opposite of Craigslist Craig on my list of cool people. I may have cried when I came home and saw this. But let's move on and pretend I meant for it to look like this, because we cannot afford for the tile guy to redo it and it seems that happening for free isn't an option.

Quick, look at something happy!

Can you do this? Bonk can.