We're still 0 for 2 on completed bathrooms, but we're inching closer. The lighting went in downstairs today.

Light is fancy.

In other news, the other brand-new bathroom is looking like this today:

Framing is also fancy!

We decided we weren't going to make our friends (who are renting our main/basement unit starting January 1) cook on some nasty old pile of festering sadness, so we ditched the old stove and brought in a new one. There is only space for a 24" model, so there weren't many choices in any of the stores, but we ended up getting the slimmed down version of the one that came with the kitchen upstairs. Cheap bastards we are.


Oh, hi!

(OMG, don't look at the floor...)

What else is new? Well, it's snowing.

The world looks so barren and lonely when it snows for the first time. So sad.

And thanks to the plastering from all the wiring hole-filling, it is snowing INSIDE as well. Unfortunately I didn't think to tarp off the upstairs while I was working down in the front hall tonight. Look what crappened.

(OMG, don't look at the floor...)

That rectangle of clean teak is where my phone was, and this is what I saw when I grabbed it to take a picture of the stairs. Horrors! So much to clean. I'm an idiot...I need to Dexter the place in tarps, I guess.

And yeah, as a matter of fact, that Dairy Milk and PBR is what I had for dinner. So? I'M BUSY!