About bloody time!

You'll be happy (or ambivalent) to know that the upstairs kitchen is finally DONE!

I painted the cabinets with ICI The Dark Side because if I am ever torn between two colours, I choose the one with the best name.

The cabinet handles were a ridiculously amazing find at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, $1.50 each! Can you even believe that? Maybe you can, but these stainless steel pulls are normally $10-12 each at other stores. I bought enough for both kitchens, but didn't put them on the downstairs cabinets since I may decide I want to use them for furniture or something upstairs in our half of the house.

I did chalkboard paint on the end wall, and the rest in ICI Cliffside. I have sort of an obsession with grey, and this one works well with the other elements I have to live with for now. The freestanding cabinet unit is the Udden from Ikea and it kind of is a lifesaver...it makes the kitchen actually usable. I just heard they are discontinuing it, so if you want one and don't have one now, you should go cry. Like, right now.

In other news, my mom and stepdad went to the Sportsman's Show and came out with gift bags of all kinds of weird shit, including these head massagers that for some reason they decided I must want. Imagine paying $9.95 for these things in the store? It's like a whisk and a Goody hairbrush combined. Here we have Luke and Curtis testing them out.

I'm not quite sure what to make of their reactions.

Holy crap, I can MAKE FOOD now!


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