Bathroom roundup

January was so busy, and taking pictures with the BB is kind of annoying. Not that anyone was holding their breath for an update, but hey.


First of all, we got a slab of Carrara cut to fit the vanity top and fit around the plumbing for the vessel sink (a super easy cutout, and easy translates to cheap!)

I love the veining in this piece. I really can't tell you how important it is to select a slab yourself if you're doing something like this. Carrara is super grey and "misty" lately, as my floor tiles and shower surrounds prove, and it would have been amazing if I'd had more control over that. Unfortunately, all of these things were installed before I had a chance to see them. Too late now; chalking it up to a lesson learned!

Here it is installed. Beauty! Oh man, how glad am I that we decided to renovate this bathroom?

Pretty friggin' glad!