Tackling the kitchen

There's something so incredibly satisfying about erasing ugly stuff. I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to paint the upstairs kitchen cabinets this intense royal purple, or to combine powder pink and pastel green tiles (with black grout, what?!) on the backsplash.

Let's remember what I started with:

So it was with great pleasure that I painted right over all of it.

Bin 1-2-3 was what I used over the backsplash (and eventually the countertop as well). It's a high-hiding, durable base coat, and I found it really easy to work with.

See what I did there? I deleted that weird staggering of the tiles at the end of the cabinets. They popped off with a putty knife, and it didn't take long to repair the wall underneath.

I followed up the primer with two coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove porch and floor paint, and then three coats of Varathane Diamond clear coat. It took 24 hours between coats. A little annoying, but it's done now and I think it was worth it. For a temporary fix, at least, to hold off until we can rip out this little kitchen and put in a new one.

Oh yeah, and I got a free faucet! It's Italian, which means it's fancy.

The opposite side still kind of looks thrown together, but at least it's semi-functional for now.

I cannot wait to get this place done, but you know when you have a deadline and it's all go!go!go! like crazy, and then if you don't have a deadline, you just want to chill out and drink beer? Yeah...

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