Busy bees

Everything has been sort of pushed aside lately, house-wise, because of work deadlines and wanting to go out and have fun and stuff. Here are some pictures!

I had some blinds custom made for the living room and master bedroom by a supplier of mine who is totally awesome! Eventually I'll get some curtains as well, but for now the blinds are great...living on a major street is annoying sometimes, and having a bit of privacy is such a different way to live. Like, I don't have to duck into a dark corner away from the window to change into my jammies now. Life win!

I won this Philippe Starck Alessi Faitoo Hooktoo Utensil Rack a few years ago, when I first started working at my job. I'd never really had any use for it, because it sort of blatantly looks like it's from the 90s, which it is, and that is great if you're talking about AWESOME MUSIC, but not so great in the world of design, at least in regards to meshing with my own aesthetic. I used to really like Alessi when I started college for interior design in 2002, but umm...yeah. So anyway, I had the idea to declutter the cabinet under the kitchen sink by mounting this to the inside and getting the bottles off the ground. It really is a much better use of space, so now I have what seems like a ton more space in there, and it's definitely a better system to use when I'm looking for a specific product.

I've been making a lot more food lately, since I actually can now. If you've never had a situation in your life where you feel like you can't feel clean in your own home, you can sympathize. I can't even explain how much more sanitary it feels in this kitchen since we painted almost everything, put new shelf liner down, replaced the appliances, etc. I mean, the dudes who rented this place were GROSS.

So now that it's okay for human hands to touch the surfaces in this place without rubber gloves on, I've decided to perfect the art of making chocolate banana bread.

I'm trying different things (chocolate chip vs. chocolate chunk, granola on top, organic cane sugar, etc.) and seriously, not to sound like an asshole or anything, but I'm really fucking good at making banana bread.

Also, meat loaf. Is that weird? I don't even really like meat. This one is turkey, and it's got delicious accessory ingredients like peppers and salsa and whatnot. I'm not a vegetarian, but I mostly eat soy instead of meat, and I have a system of eating animals in reverse order of cuteness (no, actually I do) so I figure turkeys are the first ones who should get in my belly. Those guys are terribly unattractive.

But ^ THIS GUY ^ is totally cute. Hi Coley!