Art is what you make it

Chris recently returned from a trip to Portland with a couple of Ryan Berkley (Berkley Illustration) prints. I think the shark is super badass...the Kenny one, probs not the first one I would have picked (COME ON, THERE'S A DONKEY!) but still kind of amazing when you read the little stories that come packaged with the prints.

I took the time this week to finally put them in some frames:

The obvious place for a shark portrait is in the kitchen, right? Like, duh.

Next is something I've gotten some mixed reactions about. Get ready.

So when we had our buddy Mark's company here ripping out the knob and tube wiring and installing lights, etc., a couple of dead bodies fell out of the ceiling in the downstairs kitchen. No big deal. One was headless, the other fully intact. I decided that these little mice, however old they were (one year? Ten? Forty?) were the first of us to live in the house, and I would like to frame them to commemorate the renovations. Also, as a kid growing up I'd been totally fascinated by this bat skeleton that had been encased in glass at a local conservation area, and even though it's kinda morbid, it sort of works with the theme of bizarro art we've got going.

I cut up some scraps of FLOR Fedora carpet tiles to back these shadowbox frames and give me something to stick pins into to support the bones. The finished product?

UPDATE: I decided later that although they fell out of the ceiling clean, the last few months of moisture and plaster dust, etc. have sorta made them a little grungy and made them look super gross. I dismantled my masterpieces and bleached them in hydrogen peroxide for two days, per instructions I found on the internet tubes.

Much better.

I hope this is not terrible feng shui.