This is the cat from two doors down, chillin' on our upstairs deck. We don't know what his real name is, so we call him Booger. Cole isn't allowed outside, so he just creeps on Booger from the kitchen.

The neighbours who own Booger clip his whiskers way back. Isn't that sad? I kind of want to put a note in his collar to tell them to stop because it's really mean, especially for a cat who usually is outside running around and may need things like this for, you know, SURVIVAL. I haven't written one yet because I don't think those people speak English. They're always screaming in Portuguese. I am considering using Babelfish to write a note about the screaming, too. Now that it's warm enough to have windows open, it's especially annoying. We have a real prize assortment of neighbours, but I won't get into that right now. My head might explode.