One of my best pals, Katherine, just got this ridiculously cute golden retriever puppy, and I got to meet little miss Maggie this weekend.

I'm dying, she's the best!

The family (Katherine, Maggie May and Billy):

I really need to make some more attractive friends...Katherine and Billy are going to have some unfortunate looking chilluns someday. Right? I mean come on. Stop being so handsome, all of you.

Wanna hear something lucky? I was admiring Billy's yellow Tretorns that were out on their deck (these things are sold out everywhere, including online, probably for the same reason I wanted some...Coraline!) and he asked if I wanted them. He swore he never wore them anymore, and when he did it was like twice, so they're basically brand new boots. LOOK HOW CUTE!!

And this came right after I was at the Benjamin Moore store at Adelaide and Portland and just got given a free roll of super pretty anaglyptic wallcovering. I'm going to use it to paper a couple of ceilings (the entry vestibule and the third floor stairwell). I WIN AT EVERYTHING!

P.S. I know, men's boots...Billy and I have the same size feet. I promise, I am not a hobbit, Billy is just wee.

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