A new door, and other stuff

Some things that I get done around this place feel like little baby steps. Others feel so important that I actually TELL people that they happened. I basically want to shout "WE GOT A NEW FRONT DOOR!" from a mountain and cartwheel down. (Side note: typing that made me have to put on one of my favourite songs ever, you can push play and read on down if you like.)

I realize that the white caulking looks like a terrible Photoshop clip mask right now, but lemme paint this stuff and see how it looks then. It's a hell of a lot better than the dingy white door with no knob (just a deadbolt, you had to use the key to pull the door shut) and the 80s demi-lune glazed panel.

I got the Schlage Century entryset on eBay for like 80% off.

Time to start paying more attention to the outside of the house now, everything but the door now looks like craaaap!

In other news, I made sweet potato burritos the other night and ate them solo with a glass of fine seven dollar wine while surfing the gnarly waves of the interweb.

You know how I do.

I also saw the National with my brother, Ashley, and my friend Adam (look at that, a freshy fresh IMDB page, isn't he fancy?) who found $120 on the ground outside Kool Haus and bought the rest of us some dranks. I love good fortune! I especially love the National. Like, they make me want to rip my hair out, they're so good. This is my second time seeing them (first was in 2007 opening for Modest Mouse and REM) and it seems they've blown up quite a bit since then. The music snob in me isn't really happy about it, but when I think about that, I feel like an asshole. Do you know what I mean, though? Aw, now I feel grumpy.

Ah, that's better.

I also worked the door at the Think About Life show at the Polish Combatants Hall as a favour for my good friend Eric Warner, as part of his Over the Top Festival. That show was super loads of fun, and I got to finally meet the insanely amazing Lauren Schreiber and her fiance Kevin. Lauren and I fell instantly in love and I think Kevin should worry. Not really, those two are cuter than a basket of pink kittens, but still.

Did I mention the new door? DUDES.

It almost looks like real grownups live here. Almost.

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