On a roll

Sometimes I get on a crazy task mission and get a thousand things done all at once. I painted the door!

Stop looking at the railing and the missing light, I'm getting to it.

I did manage to plant some pretty things, and look at that lilac tree go!

Come on, grass, get goin'! I'm getting impatient for it to start filling in, but soon enough it will be summer and it'll be out of control.

I got this Obleeek concrete planter at last October's High Point Market in North Carolina, and finally got around to planting a li'l succulent in it tonight. I love it.

So does Bonk. LEAVE IT! He grabbed the plant in his mouth and ran off with it right after this picture was taken. Nooooooo! But I can't be mad at that guy for more than four seconds.

I just love my boys.

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