Town and country

I finally got around to putting up my Tord Boontje Until Dawn curtains that I bought at Unica Home in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. I like the name Unica Home because it reminds me of unicorns, and that gives me light boots.

Sorry for not karate-chopping the pillows.


I went out to visit my mom in Rockwood this weekend. I saw a robin's nest in the tree by my window, so I went out to capture the lovely. So cute and springlike!


When it was time for dinner, my mom got really excited because she reached into the potato sack and found...

...the Love Spud.

Not much else shareable going on over here, but aren't we so glad it's spring? That means doing things with fun pals such as headbanging at Sneaky Dee's and feelin' blurry.

Keepin' it real, homies.