The house penis

I guess every time you do something for the first time, there's a bit of a learning curve. This holds true for things that look ridiculously spray foam! I was told by the guy who came to do our green energy audit that I should spray foam around the junction box on the exterior of the house, fill it in with concrete, and then install the light. So yesterday I got to fixing on step one, spray foamed that thing, went inside, and forgot about it.

Well, last night my dad showed up to pick me up for pizza and pints, and when I opened the door, he was pointing up at the side of my house, asking what I'd stuck up there.

And there it was. In the June heat, the spray foam had expanded way past the point when it had appeared to be finished and I'd walked snaked out of the junction box opening and miraculously formed a shape EXACTLY LIKE A DILDO. On the front of my house.

Wait, no. You don't even get the full appreciation for the thing from this distance. Like, there are VEINS.

The two dents in the bottom are from me poking it to see if it would just fall off. It obviously didn't...I am going to have to chop it off somehow. You know, Bobbitt it.

Other than that nonsense, the garden is lookin' good (though the HUGE FOAM PENIS beside the front door might distract from this fact)...

Bonk's face is lookin' good as well.

Sometimes we have long, serious discussions. I can tell he's really into it.

He even talks back. Believe it.

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