North by Northeast

One of my absolute favourite times of the year is NXNE, when the city feels the most alive, as far as I'm concerned. The festival builds up so many amazing shows, it feels like it's hard to go wrong no matter what venue you're at. For someone like me, it's pretty much the greatest.

One of the highlights this year was the Arts & Crafts showcase at the Courthouse. It was fun, as always, hanging out with the bands I've come to know over the past nine months of Chris working with them, and I'm definitely a fan of most of them anyway. So to spend two nights in a row there was not really too tough on the eyes and ears.

(Broken Social Scene with Feist)

Chris' band, METZ, played this amazing show at the Silver Dollar on Friday night, and then followed it up with an insane late night show on Saturday at a location I'm not supposed to tell anyone about. Japanther, DD/MM/YYYY and Spiral Beach also played, which made for a totally bananas crowd; it was packed to the tittays and was ridiculously hot...but SO MUCH FUN!

Sorry, other people have blogs and real cameras, I have this blog I don't tell anyone about and take pictures with my cell phone. Meh.

Oh, and then there's this project of mine that is nearing completion:

Minto Skyy is a condo at Broadview and Pottery Road that I designed the interiors for back in 2006. It's finally almost done. I hope I still like it when it's all built and don't think it screams mid-naughties!

Obligatory kitty photos!


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