All kinds of cuteness

Our friends Kieran and Amy got a new puppy, Cooper. I got to meet him at Chris' baseball game this week.

FUN! Who doesn't like golden retrievers? Heartless jerks, that's who.

Project update! I found this rusted set of donkey head hooks at Damian's cottage a few weeks ago. I wire brushed it clean, painted it black, and yep, I'm pretty sure it's the greatest.

Actually, this guy is the greatest:

Look at those fish lips! Look at those eyes! God damn, I love Bonk.

I also love this book of Becky's. Birthday prezzie, maybe?

And here's another random end to a post...Ando from Heroes (James Lee) is Chris' new BFF. (Not really, but for real they're texting each other right now.) BROMANCE!

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