Cats! Cats! Catscatscatscats! And one other thing.

I guess I spend a lot of time feeling super lucky to have my two little fur dudes in my life. They are both kiiiinda spectacular. This week, though, Cole got a little too ambitious with his horseplay and scratched li'l B's nose. Harsh!

Bummed right out.

Doesn't he look so manly and tough in this picture? I may have to update his Facebook to help him pull more babes than he's getting with his current super-emo profile picture.

(I won't really.)

Anyway I took a picture last night of Coley doing his regular thing and I felt like maybe you (zero people) wanna know about the insane cuteness that he just pulls out of nowhere after being antisocial and aloof all day long. So every night when I go to bed, he jumps up and makes muffins (what Kaya and I call it when kitties knead tummies) on me, and then I pet him till he gets sleepy and stumbly, and then he just falls down. Like, every single night. He falls over into a barrel roll and lands on his back in my arms, and he goes to sleep. This is what that looks like.

Teddy graham.

Anyway enough about cats (as if that's even POSSIBLE), here's a sneak peek at my newest project: