Made by me

Emillie and I designed a store for her friend Ashlene (of Spa_ce Vintage on Markham St.) to house her more upscale pieces a few doors down from her first shop. We presented the concept back in the winter, but Harlow Black is now up and running, and I just found out it was named Store of the Week in NOW Magazine a couple of weeks ago! Check that out here.

I haven't been inside since it got finished, but I took this spy cam photo last night when I was across at Victory Cafe for lovely Lauren's birthday.

Also, I finished that secret project I was working on. It's a bed for our friend Hayden while he stays with us until his new apartment is ready. He's been using a mattress on the floor here since the beginning of the month, and METZ is on tour right now, but he's going to come back to this:

I can't actually get far enough away to take a decent picture because of the comical dollhouse size of this room, but the bed platform is located inside the dormer window of the spare bedroom. It fits an Ikea twin size foam mattress on top, plus an extra inch or so all the way around. Inside the front, I made these cubbies for books and boxes, but inside the main part is this:

So much storage! We have just one tiny, pantry-sized closet in each bedroom, and use what's supposed to be a linen closet on the second floor for our coats. There's seriously nowhere to put anything in this place. Well, now there is.

Also useful for storing spare cats.