The sickness

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. It was really cute and fun, and also Canadian Thanksgiving! I say this in case you (I am pretending someone is reading this) are American or something even more exotic.

I had a party Saturday night at the Garrison, our friend Shaun's brand new bar on Dundas just west of Ossington, so within a three minute stumble of my house. Convenient! I kind of wish I'd had it the following weekend, since some of my best friends were away in their real hometowns for grandma visits and stuff...due to the aforementioned Thanksgiving. Do you ever get bummed out (you, pretend blog reader) if certain people don't come to your party, even with good excuses? I mean, I'm sure it wasn't because I'm not awesome or anything (evidence below)...people just have families.

Bettie took me out for brunch at Saving Grace yesterday morning and made me this adorable package. CUTE!

It says I rule! HEY THANKS!

I think mostly I'm bummed out this week because something is wrong with Bonk. He's lethargic and seems to be crying out of his right eye. So we are giving him lots of hugs.

I love you, my little man.

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