More! Bad! News!

OK, so...I don't know quite how to write about this without extreme rage, but I will try. Basically there was some sort of miscommunication at the vet's clinic and someone prescribed eyedrops for Bonk, which were ironically called FML. It is a steroid, which his little body can't handle since he has an immune deficiency. So the FML has effed my life by causing extremely painful ulcers in not one of his eyes, but both. He had surgery on the left eye (you may recall this is not the one he's already basically blind in because of his luxated lens) and grafts put on the holes they had to dig the ulcers out of.

So far this month, the world's cutest cat has cost us $4000. ARE YOU SERIOUS? FML indeed. The only consolation is that he looks adorably tough in his armband, kind of like a high school jock (somehow it's cute, even though I hate jocks).

I honestly don't know why this surgery wasn't free, considering it was a total screwup on the vet's part, but I've cried and complained enough about it and it won't change anything. Bonk's eye is stitched up and he's in cone arrest for the next six weeks, at least. It's horrible watching him crash into everything with the plastic collar and try to maneuver around the house, scared and blind.

I hate that this is happening.

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