When in doubt, BURRITO.

I have taken a bit of time off from the house renos, you know, to have fun and stuff...but I finally got around to putting primer on the stairs today.

The rolls of sisal carpet at the bottom will eventually be cut into a runner, since the stairs between the main and second floors have loud metal nosings like we live in some kind of institution or something.

Let's relive the grossness of the filthy, chipped, poo-brown stairs as they once were!

Ah, memories.

Update on the Bonk situation...a couple of days ago, the lens of his eye somehow (NEW WORD ALERT!) luxated. That means that the fibres that hold the lens in place have disintegrated and allowed it to float forward into the anterior chamber. It looks like he has a cartoonish contact lens in...sort of sinister looking. The reason this happened (prepare for heartbreak) is because somehow he has contracted FIV, the feline equivalent of HIV. He's only been outside twice in his life (not counting on the upstairs deck) since he was rescued as a frostbitten, mangled, skinny mess when he was a mini-kitty. The rescue organization tested him and cleared him for all that stuff...but I guess some things slip through the cracks, and others take a long time to show results.

I can't even explain how upset I am that my little baby seal is looking so sad and worse for wear. I've never seen Chris so upset either. The tests and subsequent medications were really expensive...kinda the last thing we need right now. I asked Shaun for a job bartending at the Garrison to help supplement my income (don't let your daughter become a professional interior designer or she will be poor forever)...but it seems like even more of an urgent reality now.

Anyway, downer news aside, here is where I transformed Bonk into a cat burrito, because he is a beefy dude and I feel like he would be into eating burritos if he were allowed.

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