Me: "I love New York!" Rest of world: "Duh."

The thing about New York is that you actually do fall in love with it. Not just a little baby bit, either. There's something magic in the air there. I am very seriously contemplating moving to Brooklyn for a while, like however long I could stay on a temporary visa. Does everyone go home from New York imagining themselves in a little idyllic bubble like this? Is it some kind of undiagnosed brain infection? Seriously though, Chris has been offered a handful of jobs there lately, and as a designer, I could figure something out. So we'll see. ANYWAY, ANYWAY.

A tree in Greenwich Village, just around the block from the studio apartment we rented on Houston St. As luck would have it, the apartment was situated right above a psychic!

Besides the fact that you'd think she would just KNOW who's coming, and when...this sign makes no sense, and is therefore the best.

Here's some artwork from inside the apartment. It is also the best. Look at all those dudes!

All weekend, we just hung out and ate delicious food and shopped and walked...and ate delicious food. Oh, and watched a full season of Arrested Development, because sometimes you get a tummyache from fun, and vacation means you get to do whatever you want.

Here are some lovely knit/crocheted tree-trimming items from Anthropologie, which is just fantastic because they reminded me that Christmas is coming and WE HAVE NO MONEY. I'm thankful that they also reminded me that while I don't believe in Santa anymore, I do believe in cuteness. Hello, adorables!

Check out this guy!

And this guy!

This is Ontario, a weirdly inaccurate Ontario-themed bar in Williamsburg. We drank mediocre beer and played video games. (I guess that's what Chris does at home, so maybe they do know what they're talking about.)

I should also mention the fact that we went to see Monsters of Folk play on Saturday night, which was ridiculous. I mean, the fact that they played for three hours was ridiculous in a way that made us wish we had coffee, but BILL MURRAY (!!!) sat two rows ahead of us, and it was distracting and awesome, and then he came to the afterparty backstage and we were inthesameroomasBillMurraywhaaaat! We sorta made contact with him by inviting his friend (to whom I passed a bottle opener to give to that very same Mr. Bill Murray) to Hi Fi afterwards, and he said they'd come by. We spent the rest of the night in the East Village at that place (which is amazing if you are like us and super in love with dive bars with no pretense or dress code, but a hell of a jukebox) and because my eyes are garbage and I don't spend a lot of time Googling pictures of bands, I had no idea that the Matt I was talking to for over an hour was in fact M. Ward. We were with his publicist friend Jen, and she knew who we were crammed into the booth with, but I just thought he was some dude. I am smart and worldly! I clued in when Conor Oberst (NO BIG DEAL) came over and introduced himself, and the beardo sitting at the end of the booth turned out to be Jim James from My Morning Jacket. I'm the worst.

Bill Murray never did show up, by the way.

Anyway, Sunday was a bit of a mess as our flight was cancelled (on Air Canada! shocker!) and while this guy who was in line behind us got on the next flight (Snake is on a plane!), unfortunately we fly standby due to using my mom's sometimes-handy-but-not-today family passes. We ended up taking a midnight Greyhound back to Toronto. It was pretty awful having to do that after spending 8 hours waiting at the airport to no avail. But honestly, the trip was something I hope to remember forever.

P.S. Do you KNOW about Uniqlo?

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