Island in the sun

One thing that the last 3 years of my life has taught me is that NXNE is pretty much my favourite week of the year. Now that I'm working at a bar in addition to my 9-5 (scratch that - summer hours are a punishing 8:30-6) design job, it's a little difficult working till the 4 AM last call and still being able to drag myself out of bed and go work at the sweatshop office all day. But the shows we had at the Garrison were incredible (Best Coast was the highlight, Cold Cave the extreme lowlight) and worth the dark circles under my eyes.

So anyway. I love NXNE and I want it to be my life forever, all the time.

Arts & Crafts put on a ridiculously well-curated showcase fest yesterday on Toronto Island, and I was lucky enough to score a couple of VIP passes for myself and Vanesa.

 Matt and Andrew McCracken (Doublenaut) designed this poster. Those guys rule.

That's little Eve hanging out, being supercool. Hyde from That 70s Show was on the island (he later DJed the afterparty at P&L) and stopped to make a comment to Stu about Eve being awesome. Baby's first celebrity run-in!

 Beach House

  Band of Horses

  Broken Social Scene


Since we're going to see them at Osheaga in a few weeks, Vanesa and I opted to leave Pavement early and ferry back to the main. We grabbed Sweet Lulu noodles, de-frizzed our hair, then rode over to Parts & Labour for the afterparty. Chris gave me his METZ badge to try and get into Wrongbar for Les Savy Fav and Surfer Blood, but they were at capacity, so badges were worthless. Headed back to Parts, found many a pal, and had massive amounts of fun.

In conclusion, I really REALLY love NXNE, and am a terrible dancer.