Dog days of summer

Alfie! This is Vanesa's dog. As you can see, he's husband material. V had her annual Canada Day BBQ this weekend, and lots of pretty people came. My contribution was a loaf of sour cherry banana bread, and if you haven't made a trip down to the US of America for Trader Joe's dried Montmorency cherries, boy, you're missing out! And I'd just like to point out (#humblebrag) that I'm getting pretty good at banana bread now that I am single and have nothing better to do outside of my job than bake delicious snacks for myself.

Took Ashley's babes to see the tall ships at Harbourfront the next day. They were so very beautiful. The ships were pretty too.

Been hanging with the Bonkman a lot lately, soaking in his 100% pure awesomeness before I have to relinquish him to his lucky father. I love his fishy lips.
And just when I thought the weekend couldn't get any better, this guy walked through Trinity Bellwoods in a Spiderman suit, which was obviously totally normal.
How was your weekend?