Sundays at Aberfoyle Antique Market in the summer are pretty effing fun. I think "antiquing" has a rep for being for old people with pants pulled up to their chests, but I'm still just a pup.

And if you want proof that it's not all doilies and rocking chairs...

It's hipster day at the 'foyle.

I scored all of these winner items for only $33. I'm planning to spray paint them and make them look like a bajillion dollars worth of cute.

Chris wasn't too stoked that I bought the horse, cause we don't exactly have a lot of spare square footage (can't spare a square!) but don't you think it's gonna look adorable painted black? Heck yes!

I decided on the heels of last week's bench building party that I would design a cedar coffee table for the deck and whip it together in the wood shop.

And so I did.

Again, a total trial and error construction method, but it cost zero dollars because all of the cedar was in a pile left over from my mom's new deck. Less scrap for her to store, more table for me to rest my drink on = win/win!

Check this out - the internets tell me that the horse is called "Marvel the Mustang", and while my 5'11" frame can't quite achieve the desired forward motion, these kids sho' could!

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