The worst thing

Here's a thing I didn't ever expect: walking home from a party on Queen the other night, I got held up at gunpoint. 

It was super fun! A couple of really nice dudes ran up behind me, jumped onto the sidewalk and cut me off, and then one of them pointed a gun in my face while the other took my purse. Of course, the one night ever when I'm feeling fancy-free and obnoxiously playing music over the speaker of my iPhone (because I left my earbuds at home and who walks without music? Not this asshole!) is the time when friggin' ROBBERS are running off with my purse, but then hear my music still playing, TURN AROUND AND COME BACK, reach in my pocket for the source of the tunes, and then run away again. Yeah, that cool move cost me an additional $500-ish in losses, on top of my huge "I am single now so I need this giant Marc Jacobs bag obviously" go-to purse, my mini "old but still has sentimental value and also it matches Emillie's" Club Monaco clutch, and $100 cash I was carrying to pay back a friend. Plus my dignity, and general sense of safety, yada yada.

But anyway, they upgraded me to the 4S so now my photos will maybe be less shite.

 And then I saw Bry Webb all alone, and that made me happy.