Reasons Cam is the best

The weather has been unseasonably, like, panic-inducingly warm so far this pre-spring, and for no real reason I had a bunch of the girls over for a Girl House brunch that turned into an all-day sangria party. I only invited girls, but then when Vanesa went home to get Alfie, the rules got bent and I let Cam come over. Anyway he has girl hair and pretty eyes. Just like Alfie. So they both qualify.

And just in time for me to realize I should probably have been cut off from the special punch, Stu came to collect his wife and drop off a hand-me-down bed for me. Adult time! So I made Cam assemble it with me, which was not fun in our condition, except yes it was. It somehow didn't turn out all wack.

Anyway as much as I appreciate having A BED at age 31 finally, I realized I kind of totally hated it because while as a beggar, I can't be a, yellow pine and black-brown Ikea wood is soooo friggin' wrong. So I took it apart again, fun!

*whitewash magic!*

Hooray! #fixedit