The art of gathering

This week, I had the opposite of a bad time doing a photo shoot for the Bay's B Insider blog, here (edit: this post link is dead, but you can still watch the video below).

My Twitter-turned-real-life friend Jason Hudson got in touch with me to ask if I'd do him a solid and bask on a patio for a few hours, drinking free wine and inhaling free cheese and wearing free (temporary) clothes and pretending to eat a free lobster and for-real eating a free cake prepped beautifully by another love of mine, food stylist Ash Denton. And basically pretend to be in Kinfolk. Um, let me think about it yes.

And so I did, and I gained 35 lbs probably but IT WAS WORTH IT.

(Diane Von Furstenberg, if I ever get married and you want to buy me jizz-worthy flatware)

You can't tell really, because we are so poised and obviously sober cool, but it was hot as balls that day and my hair, which had looked like this when we started, turned into a fro-ey nest of sweat and like, body salt mixed with cheese crumbs. Perfect for photos!

I hope this pic of the article will work...
I don't know.

OH BUT VIDEO!!!!! Oooooh.

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