Last days of summer

Things I did, saw, ate, or pet these last few weeks:

Dusted opening for a showing of Moonrise Kingdom at Amsterdam Brewery
Russian Circles at Lee's Palace
Diamond Rings at the Drake Underground
Less Than Jake at Riot Fest (Fort York)
Hot Water Music at Riot Fest

Hot Snakes at the Horseshoe with everyone I know


OLLIE <333333 br="">

(Thanks to Rani Sheen over at FASHION for putting my little story-nugget in the September issue!)
One year I will actually for-real make jam out of the bounty in my backyard.
Phil, have a party already
My drawings for a renovation on Geoffrey Street coming true

I designed the Toto pen area of the new Andrew Lloyd Webber reality show Over The Rainbow on CBC
(but I call it the Bone Zone)

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