A boy's pied-à-terre

I've been holed up at Ryan's place lately, giving it the ol' steam blast scrub-down, filling one billion trillion wall holes, sanding, priming, sweeping, painting, and general cute-ifying. 

A full post will come when I have some time (because clients! and my house flooded!) but in the meantime, here's a peek at the almost-finished space (*edit: I sprayed that shitty IKEA corner pendant gold, and now it's like HI LOOK AT ME I'M ADORABLE, instead of not).

And yeah, a BOY lives here. With the vintage floor tile and settee and pharmacy lamp, doesn't it like, visually whisk ya away to Paris or something? I told Ryan if he didn't have a girlfriend already, his apartment would be a total panty-dropper. And there's a burrito place right downstairs that you can smell 24 hours a day! BONER CITY.

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