I don't know why I let some stuff go undone for so long. I kind of feel like the newspaper we found in the ceiling last winter would have been a little less yellow and brittle had I framed it somewhat close to that point in time, rather than sticking it in our freezer and hoping for the best.

In any case, it's done and hanging in our entry hall. And it looks really friggin' cute. Obviously I mounted it with the comic side out. The front page wasn't that interesting, but it would have taken a lot to overshadow these comics, no matter what. Classics!

Also, some more stuff bloomed in the front garden since the other day.

No doubt this will soon be ripped out of the ground for no reason by a belligerent random drunk guy at 3 AM like some of our tulips were last week. Ossington, you jerk.

Sunshowers are fun, I like to look at them.

Did I mention I'm really, REALLY good at making banana bread?

Cause I am. Happy birthday, Daddo!